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Original Ink Drawings

Original Ink Drawings are framed nicely in standard 11 X 14 or 9 X 12 frames with mats.  Great for family room, child's room, hunters or any wildlife enthusiast. Board color is tan for all prints-drawn on matched mat board.

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Whitetail Deer
young_whitetail_deer.GIF (51395 bytes) $89.95

Bighorn Sheep


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pronghorn_antelope.GIF (35452 bytes)


($9.95 ea. will be added for shipping
for the framed ink drawings)

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pronghorn_antelope.GIF (35452 bytes)

Set of 3:


($24.95 will be added for
shipping the set of three framed

Jayne Azzarello
phone/FAX: (406) 821-2012





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